ALA Intermediate DIY 725 Plus Credit Restoration Bundle


A DIY package containing complete set of guides, letters, and templates that has been used to correct consumer credit profiles and raise credit scores from 520’s to 730-740’s in as little as 45 days, countless times.

This package has cleared over a million in debts for many consumers as a Credit Repair Organization, now the package is fully available to consumers do achieve the same results for significantly less!

This Bundle Includes:

Comprehending Consumer Rights E-Guide ($49.99 Value)

DIY Credit Pack II ($599.99 Value)

Inquiry Removal Letter ($79.99 Value)

Goodwill Letters ($99.95 Value)

Credit Supplies ($9.95 Value)

Inquiry Spreadsheet ($9.95 Value)

Certificate of Mailing ($19.95 Value)

CRA Freeze Letter ($49.95 Value)

CRA Freeze Removal Letter ($49.95 Value)

Total Value: $969.55